Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jason Falla Co-Host of Tactical Arms

A few months ago I was asked to co-host the exciting new television show called Tactical Arms with Larry Vickers and Kyle Defoor.  Tactical Arms is the brain child of Intermedia Outdoors, owners of the Sportsman's Channel and outdoor magazines such as Gun's and Ammo, Shotgun News, Bowhunter and Handguns just to name a few.
Tactical Arms is a straight out gun show. Each episode of the show focus' of just one weapon which really gives viewers the chance to see what the gun can and can't do! 
One of the things that I really like about the show is that we, the hosts, don't pull any punches. We pretty much say what we really think about the weapon. If it has good points we will be sure to mention them, but if it has any negatives, we will also drill into those too. However, rather than say that the weapon has problems and should be redesigned or scrapped, we will highlight these issues and show viewers how to fight through them to master it. I mean what gun is perfect right! An example of this would be Law Enforcement departments that issue weapons to officers that were clearly designed with safety in mind and not combat. Officers may not like the weapon that they are issued but still have to use it. 
Tactical Arms will give viewers tips and tactics on running these weapons in combat situations to really maximize their performance. 
The first episode will air on the Sportsman Channel around 15th July 2009. I'll be sure to post the exact date and time closer to then. 

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