Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time to Train

Over the last few days I had welcoming break from teaching and was able to get out onto the range and conduct some training of my own. Myself and Kyle went out to shoot the 10-8 pistol drill. I like shooting this drill as it contains a lot of gun handling skills and combines marksmanship with speed.

If your not familiar with the drill itself you can probably find it on the net somewhere. I will post the drills up at the bottom to save you some time.

There are 3 different time hacks for the 10-8. Depending on how advanced you are as a shooter will determine what time you choose. This drill isn't really designed for basic or beginner shooters as there are quite a few advanced gun handling skills that need to be learnt prior to tackling this one.

The way I see it, you should select a time hack that you can still maintain 90% accuracy. If your accuracy suffers too much it's a waste of time and you will find yourself trying to point shoot and not look at your sites.

If your scoring in the sixties consistently then it's time to decrease the par time.
The three par times for the drill are 8 seconds, 6.5 seconds and 5 seconds.
The first time you shoot it try the 8 second par time then decrease accordingly.

I posted up some footage of the drill below. I know this is not going to win me an oscar in film making but you should still get the idea.

The next time I head out with a camera I will make sure I show the gun handling skills combined with shots of the targets so everyone can see that I am actually hitting where I'm supposed to!

Some drills from the 10-8 for you to practice.
All shot on an IDPA target with an 8" circle.

1 - From the holster, draw and fire 4 body and 1 head. (5 secs)
2- From the high ready, switch hands and fire 4 body and 1 head support hand only (5 secs)
3- With an empty chamber, and from the high ready, rack the slide with the strong hand only and fire 4 to the head (5 secs)
4- With an empty chamber and support hand only, rack the slide and fire 4 body (5 secs)

What you will notice in this last clip is that I have to wait on the magazine coming out of the gun, it didn't really come out all that clean either! But, as I always tell my students you always have to balance speed with efficiency. Now if I didn't have the speed component during this course of fire I would not have made the time. And if my 'e-factor' wasn't high I wouldn't have made the time either.
So always remember my "Warfighter Proficiency Cycle" (SEAR)
Speed, Efficiency, Accuracy, Repetition. If you follow these principles you won't go wrong.

Have fun and stay safe whilst doing it.

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