Sunday, July 12, 2009

On the Set of Tactical Arms

For this weeks blog I'm going to let you in on some of the action that happens on the set of this years most exciting new gun show, Tactical Arms. You can catch some of the action at the TA website, or simply just click the link down the page a little.

Well Larry and I just finished off the newest episode of the show which is dedicated to H&K's classic, the MP5. This one just like most will start off with Larry in the Armory talking about the weapon, how it works and some of its design features. 

After that Larry and I went out to have a little play around on the range and get used to both guns. The guns were provided by Larry and one of his industry friends. They are MP5 A3's, one traditional and the other set up similar to how typical LE SWAT would use it with an Aimpoint and Surfire front end.

One of the cool parts to the show, (I hope) will be the tactical rappel in full kit with live fire through a window several stories off the ground. During this segment we highlight the maneuverability of the weapon and show how effective it is during these types of scenarios.

Another highlight will be when Larry and I don our kit and mount up for a two man clearance of the shoothouse, unscripted and live!

We have cameramen forward of us in rooms with closed doors and bad guy targets. We also have cameras following us during the assault. 
It was good fun doing it and certainly took me back a little to my operational days with the Regiment back home.

Larry and I finish off with a little challenge at 15 meters and 30 meters with reloads and transition drills, to see who is faster.

I hope you enjoy the show, here is a pic of the rappelling.

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