Friday, January 29, 2010

REDBACK ONE Training Division

REDBACK ONE specializes in supplying Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security Personnel
(PSP) and civilian personnel with advanced tactical firearms training.

The company's instructors have years of operational and instructional experience training both Military Special Operations Forces and Law Enforcement Special Weapons and Tactics Units in the U.S and many other countries worldwide.

Our instructors expertise and proficiency in special operations techniques to include military small arms, urban warfare, CQB, land-warfare and other specialist skills make them highly sought after instructors within the firearms industry and the U.S military.
When not engaged with the customer our instructors are at the range looking to create faster and more efficient techniques in order to provide our students with vital knowledge and skills to prevail in combat overseas or during lethal force encounters here at home.

Our diverse capabilities and qualifications make us unique in the Mil/LE/PSP training industry.

REDBACK ONE currently offers both Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) and training courses conducted from the 'Rifles Only' training facility in Kingsville Texas, 30 minutes from Corpus Christi.

Some courses offered by REDBACK ONE are only open to Military, Law Enforcement and selected Private Security Personnel (PSP). Please refer to course outlines for more detail.

For more information on our training courses please email or call us directly.


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  2. Sparrow, I will have the website under construction for a short period. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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