Sunday, April 25, 2010

Redback One instructors head to Montana for MSTOA 2010

For everyone heading to Ft. Harrison, Montana in May for the 2010 MSTOA conference be sure to catch Steve and Looey from Redback One leading the Pistol and Carbine tracts.

Steve is a veteran SF Sergeant from 3rd Special Forces Group. He served as an instructor with the Army in Africa and has operational deployments with ODA 391 to Afghanistan and Iraq. Steve was a lead firearms and tactics instructor at USTC were he lead courses for Special Forces Groups, U.S Navy, USCG, Canadian Provost Marshals, Law Enforcement Agencies and Private Security Contractors. Steve has a ton of experience teaching combat marksmanship and we are excited to have him lead the tactical pistol training during the conference.

Looey is a veteran of the USMC with an extensive background in firearms instruction, competitive shooting, tactical driving and executive protection. Looey has over ten years of experience as an instructor and has lead courses for Special Forces Groups, Law Enforcement Agencies, U.S Navy, USCG, and Private Security Contractors. Looey taught advanced firearms, convoy motorcade operations, small unit tactics and surveillance detection with USTC for the past 5 years. We are excited to have Looey lead the Tactical Carbine tracts for MSTOA 2010.

If you were lucky enough to secure a slot on either of these tracts be prepared to see some of the latest techniques in combat marksmanship delivered by two exceptional instructors.

If you are interested in attending these training tracts, give Ryan or Brandon from the MSTOA a call.

Ya better hurry though!

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