Sunday, May 16, 2010

Redback One's Industry Partners

We are extremely happy to announce that Redback One has partnered up some of the biggest industry professionals.

Our training division has taken a huge step forward by partnering up with one of the countries finest weapon designers and manufactures; Daniel Defense. We will be releasing our (Redback One) own DDM4 later in the year featuring the Redback One logo laser etched into the lower receiver. I will be sure to post some photos when we get them in!

Our Tactical Nylon Division; SORD USA is also steaming ahead with our products in service with the 75th Ranger Battalion and the Canadian Defense Force. We have some exciting news and developments with SORD USA coming up also which I'll let you in on later!

Laser Devices have been a big supporter of our training and have come on board to supply us with their D-BAL A2 (Dual Beam Aiming Laser) for use by our instructors and students during our Night Fighting Course.

Aimpoint has also come on board by supplying us with the best combat optics in the world. They will also feature our logo laser engraved onto them. We have a great relationship with the Aimpoint crew in Sweden and we always look forward to catching up at SHOT for dinner and a beer.

Smith Optics have just recently come on board and will supply all of our tactical eye protection needs. You might even see a set of Smith eyewear with the RB1 logo on them down the track! Watch this space for that! Mike from Smith and I took a hellish spin in the awesome off road racers during the LE Technology & Equipment Expo held in El Paso TX last week. A big thanks to the CBP for putting on a great day at the range.


  1. Will you be offering training at Rifles Only in Texas?


  2. Steve, we can certainly conduct training at RO if that's in your AO. We are doing mostly Mobile Training Teams at this stage and I would just need to give Jacob at RO a heads up to deconflict training if you wanted a course at that location.
    Let me know.