Sunday, August 1, 2010

Redback One Heads to California.

Redback One will be heading to California to conduct a 2-Day Tactical Carbine course at the Prado Olympic Shooting Range in Chino from 14-15 August. I am really looking forward to heading out west with RB1. We have a great shooting range laid on and plenty of good training with awesome prizes and giveaways. Tango Down is donating a gift voucher for the high shooter of the course and Surefire will be attending and as always will have the latest SF products available.

I will have some of the latest products from the RB1 - Elite Series line, manufactured by SORD USA. This will be the unveiling of our latest product, the Advanced Releasable Armor Carrier (A-RAC).

The A-RAC features a very low profile cut and will fit IIIA soft armor inserts as well as a 10x12 strike plate, front, rear and sides. It also features a single point cut away and the ability to convert from heavy armor carrier to plate carrier within a few minutes. I will have our latest version of the Combat Sling that is integrated directly into the single point release system.

I will have the RB1-Elite Series Combat Belt on display also. This is a great modular combat belt that I designed to be flexible enough to accommodate most Special Operations missions. I features a SORD riggers belt that forms the base and incorporates a low profile padded belt comforter. It has removable leg straps for use with a flight suit and molle for attaching pouches to end user specification. A great product that I use on a daily basis for tactical use as well as for competitions.

I will be shooting my Daniel Defense M4 and Glock 17 during the course and encourage everyone to bring their preferred firearms. I am well aware of the CA limitation on assault weapons for residents of CA. I will ensure that I get the most out of what ever set you have and show you how to employ your weapons to the best of your abilities.

I am looking forward to seeing what the shooters of California have to offer and I hope to pass on as much information as possible in the short time that I have there.

If anyone is interested in booking a position on the course, you better hurry as we are nearly at limits.

You can email me directly to sign up or contact or Paul at

See you there!



  1. Thanks again for deciding to come to CA for a training course! I along with my buddies soaked up all that you instructed us on. We're all going to try to make the next one too. Cheers!