Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are Centurion Arms Barrels the Best on the Market?

I recently taught a carbine class in California and one of the my students arrived with an upper receiver built by Monty at Centurion Arms. As soon as I heard that Monty had built the upper I was curious about how it would perform during that class.

My first and only experience with Centurion Arms came while filming and episode of Tactical Arms. The episode featured the MK12 Special Purpose Rifle, originally designed by the Naval Special Warfare Command to provide personnel within the command with a short range precision rifle. The MK12 that Monty builds is as close to the real MK12 from Crane as it gets. Almost every part on the weapon is some on the Centurion Arms gun as the one that comes from the Crane laboratory.

When I shot Monty's MK12 on the show I very impressed with the way is shot, both in terms of accuracy and reliability. Now being a 'sniper' variant I would expect the accuracy to be well with in spec! But what about a standard upper receiver from Centurion Arms?

So when Michael began his zero during the California class I was immediately surprised when I saw the first group. All three rounds were grouped together with the extreme spread well under 1" at 25m.

Knowing that there are 3 ingredients to accuracy; The gun, the ammo and the shooter, I straight away figured that Michael had been shooting for a while. Michael's 10 round group at 50m during the confirmation shoot measured around 1.75", and by far the tightest of all groups shot. Michael's group at 100m was well under the military specifications of 4MOA. (ammo dependent)

I was super impressed by the accuracy of the Centurion Arms barrel, and Michael's ability to shoot tight groups!

Throughout the next two days of heavy round counts and hot weather, the Centurion gun didn't skip a beat. There were plenty of high dollar guns in the class that were 'playing up' from time to time and some ammunition issues that caught a few students out too.

I thing I know about shooting is this, spend your money on quality, not quantity! Quality ammunition will increase not only your accuracy and reliability but also the life span of the barrel.

I spoke to Monty about his barrels the other day and without giving away his trade secrets, there is a lot of modern, high tech manufacturing inside of every barrel that Monty puts onto one of his guns. Monty also ensures that his guns are 'in spec' and goes the extra yard to make sure every gun that comes off his production line is the very best.

I met Monty in Coronado, San Diego in 2005 when I was still in the military and was astonished by his depth of knowledge about weapons. It was like listening to 'rain man' speak about guns!

I know that there are several companies on the market that claim to have the best barrels but here is an up and coming brand that may well take the industry by storm!

Keep up the good work Monty, and if anyone is looking for a quality in spec carbine, give Monty a call and pick yourself up one of his uppers.

Take Care.

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